113 N. Sycamore Harrison, Ar 72601


Our Vision is clear, simple, and unique. Our vision is Jesus in you. Our vision is for the people of God to have a faith that holds them. The kind of faith that vanquishes doubt, verifies identity, and voraciously contends for inner peace. A faith that removes the past, clarifies the present, and breathes life into the future. Our vision is the Kingdom of God built within the people of this obscure, yet mighty generation. A kingdom so great that its purpose destroys the common lack of self worth. A kingdom that sharpens the eyes, tenses the muscles, and readies itself for the battle against darkness. A Kingdom that brings purpose and healing to those who have failed more than succeeded, who are sinners more than saints, and who have known more pain than pleasure. Our vision is to challenge the weak and unproductive church of our day. To step beyond those who are religiously immature and search out those who for their love for Christ cannot be offended. Our hope is to raise warriors instead of those who think God only exists to keep bad things from happening. To raise those who know that following Christ means suffering loss yet gaining all things. Our vision is clear, simple, and unique…. It is Christ in you, the hope of glory.